Rocking my baby

So we have been trying to work on getting Isabelle to fall asleep on her own…but usually I just end up rocking her to sleep. Though I know this most likely will backfire one day, nothing can beat the feeling of watching her fall asleep in my arms. I just put her to bed and we all know babies love to fight sleep! As I stood there rocking her back and forth, back and forth (just like in our favourite book Love You Forever) she kept moving and wouldn’t stay still. She kept pulling her pacifier out of her mouth and opening her eyes after briefly closing them. I thought maybe if I stopped looking at her she would fall asleep, but that only made it worse. It wasn’t until I started holding her very close to me and whispering a lullaby to her and saying “mommy’s here” that she calmed down and fell asleep.

This made me think of my relationship with God. I fidget, I get upset, I try to do my own thing, I am determined to get to my “calm place” on my own. However, it’s not until I stop and listen to Him saying ” I am here” and remember that He wants to help me, that I calm down. Stubbornly, sometimes I only stay a few moments in His arms and think “I got it now! Thanks!” and I rush off to finish my day without Him on my mind. Silly me. Just like Isabelle feels calm and safe in my arms, God’s arms are where there is EVERLASTING peace. I’m just happy He gives me a million chances to run back to them, just like I’ll never reject my pumpkin wanting to be in my arms.

  • Recent highlights:  She laughs a lot more now. She and her dad have this routine when he comes home. He tickles her and she laughs so hard. So cute:)
  • Recent funny moment: She recently figured out she has lips. She usually smacks them, but one day she randomly started making fish faces. I think she has a bit of her dad’s goofy personality.
  • Recent crazy parent moment: The last few days were a blur of crazy moments. We moved as I mentioned earlier, so just trying to juggle moving with a baby was crazy.
  • Recent milestones: She is getting a lot better at grabbing things. She also has started what I call singing. It’s the sweetest thing ever!
  • Bellelesson of the week: God is waiting for you to let Him help you through each day. His arms are always open.

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