Try, try again

Everyone who has kids tells me that once a baby learns to move they are on the go! Well, just on Friday, my sister and I were looking at Belle who was trying to roll over from her back to stomach. She has always easily rolled from her stomach to back,  because she would use her head to cheat (lean it to the side and ooops! she’s rolled over lol) However, we noticed she was getting stuck when starting on her back, because she would almost go all the way, but not know what to do with her other arm at the end. (Imagine yourself laying on your back, now you are trying to roll over, you move one arm, move your body, but your other arm is just laying there and won’t let you go any further – yep, that’s what she looked like!)

Now let’s fast forward to Sunday, she was playing on the floor and I noticed she had moved from her back to her stomach, but I missed how she got there. But since she is a pro now, she did it again –  she rolled over! She figured out how to get her arm out of the way. Now she pushes up her body with her legs, to give her arm room to slide out and rest at her side again, and just like that she can do it! So now she is trying to figure out how to crawl – she must have realized how helpful her legs can be.

She does this all the time. One day she can’t do something, then she can do it the next! That’s because she keeps trying. I bet she never thinks to herself, “Aw man, I can’t do it” And there is the lesson: babies just keep trying until they get it, maybe adults should follow their lead:)


Best of me

Recently someone asked me “How has motherhood changed  you?” I responded “It makes me want to be a better person, so I could be the best mom I can be”. We then went into a discussion about how society expects mothers to be perfect these days.  New moms are encouraged to breastfeed exclusively, put their babies on a schedule, not co-sleep with their child, make baby food from scratch, and don’t forget trying to look like the celebrities who  look perfect 2 weeks after giving birth! Now, I understand there is a reason these things are advised. However, being a new mom is challenging and the same thing doesn’t work for every baby, so once you become a mom all these expectations can cause you to feel insufficient. I personally had a difficult time breastfeeding. I still cringe today when someone asks me if I am still doing it, because it’s a sore topic for me. Even when I visit the Nestle Canada website (makers of our formula) an add pops up stating “Breastmilk is best for your baby” I want to yell “I know! Stop telling me!” I feel bad every time I’m reminded that I don’t breastfeed her anymore. But I’ve been a mom for a whole 7 months now, and I’m doing a much better job of reminding myself these things don’t really make me a better mom or a bad mom. I doubt Isabelle and I will get into an argument someday because she is furious I didn’t breastfeed her longer. lol

Therefore, I am trying a new thing. While I try to continue to make good decisions for Isabelle, I need to make even better decisions for me. That means taking care of myself, trying to eat a little better, talking to my husband or a friend when I’m feeling a little low, reading a book, and trying become a better Christian. Now I know I’ll still have days when I have barely  brushed my teeth, and all I want is 5 minutes to myself, but I will have to remind myself ever so often to set small goals out so that I am also working on a better me. For example, today I read this verse “Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.” Colossians 4:6 (NIV)” So today, I will try to work on being gracious, especially when talking about other people. I’ll try not to gossip, I’ll say something encouraging to someone, and I’ll apologize if I forgot to use my grace. See, by me working on becoming a better person this way, I’m setting an important example for my baby girl. So if I don’t find the time to puree her veggies today, I won’t be so hard on myself, because it’s the way I act, and the things I say, and the thoughts that live in my mind that will really impact who she becomes – not the not-so-favorite bulge on my tummy.

  • Recent highlights:  As I mentioned in my last post, we surprised my parents in Michigan last week. It has been great watching my parents with her – they’re so happy to be grandparents.  Since her dad isn’t here, we skype him regularly. We were ‘skyping’ yesterday and her face just lit up when she saw his face.  It is one of the best feelings of being a mom – when she is happy to see me just because I’m her mom.
  • Recent funny moment: She is trying to crawl, but doesn’t use her arms. She uses one knee, one foot, and pushes her head on the floor to get around. I find it very amusing:)
  • Recent crazy parent moment: She got a cold the night before our flight, and would flip out when I tried to clean her nose. But you know us parents, we can’t have our child in public with a dirty nose ! lol She would have a complete meltdown every time I tried to clean it, which was a little embarrassing on the plane:)
  • Recent milestones: She enjoys rolling over now! That combined with her inchworm crawling move – I feel like I’m going to be baby proofing very soon. She also eats more solids now: Carrots, apples, banana, sweet potato, squash, and her favorite watermelon! She did not, I repeat NOT, like green peas.
  • Bellelesson of the week: Moms: take sometime out for yourself this week, even if it just 30 minutes. You’ll be in a better mood to handle the craziness of being a mom.

Smile a while

I have been MIA again! I just can’t seem to understand how one little human being keeps me so busy! I am still loving every minute of it though:)

Well Isabelle and I are currently in Michigan. We flew in a week ago to surprise my parents. I walked in the house, and after the screaming stopped, they swooped Isabelle up and completely forgot I was there. It’s ok though – no hard feelings – after all she is really cute:) lol

So, for the second time since becoming a mom, I flew with Isabelle alone (I have no idea why I continue to do this lol). Of course I over-packed my carry on luggage with every possible thing Isabelle could need. I had blankets, a million diapers, teething toys, hand sanitizer, lotion, 2 changes of clothes, an extra shirt for me, pureed bananas and sweet potato, bibs, spoons, bottles, and the list goes on…Needless to say, I was feeling a little anxious before our trip. Oh, did I mention that Isabelle got a cold the night before we left? So her little tiny nose was running during the entire journey.

When we finally made it to our destination, and met Aunty Meika at the airport, Isabelle was all smiles, even though she was extremely tired. She was even laughing and grinning while my parents were screaming. I couldn’t help but think, “Babies really know how to live in the moment”. I felt like we had to longest journey ever and she was just smiling away as if we just took a 30 minute drive. She always surprises me with her ability to adapt to new situations. She doesn’t think about the times when “this didn’t work before” or put on a grumpy face because she is a little sleepy.  She was even laughing it up with the flight attendants who took a liking to her.

Couldn’t we all learn to be a little more like this. To choose to be happy when things aren’t going our way. To choose to smile when we have had a long day. To choose to have a good laugh with your spouse when you realize maybe you have been a little hard on him lately. I always laugh when Isabelle is in tears one moment and then laughing the next. But she gets it….smiling is good for the soul.  There is a song I love by India Arie that says:

It doesn’t cost a thing to smile

You don’t have to pay to laugh

You better thank God for that

Bellelesson: Smile a little more to day – you’ll feel better!

(I’ll put milestones in the next post)