Try, try again

Everyone who has kids tells me that once a baby learns to move they are on the go! Well, just on Friday, my sister and I were looking at Belle who was trying to roll over from her back to stomach. She has always easily rolled from her stomach to back,  because she would use her head to cheat (lean it to the side and ooops! she’s rolled over lol) However, we noticed she was getting stuck when starting on her back, because she would almost go all the way, but not know what to do with her other arm at the end. (Imagine yourself laying on your back, now you are trying to roll over, you move one arm, move your body, but your other arm is just laying there and won’t let you go any further – yep, that’s what she looked like!)

Now let’s fast forward to Sunday, she was playing on the floor and I noticed she had moved from her back to her stomach, but I missed how she got there. But since she is a pro now, she did it again –  she rolled over! She figured out how to get her arm out of the way. Now she pushes up her body with her legs, to give her arm room to slide out and rest at her side again, and just like that she can do it! So now she is trying to figure out how to crawl – she must have realized how helpful her legs can be.

She does this all the time. One day she can’t do something, then she can do it the next! That’s because she keeps trying. I bet she never thinks to herself, “Aw man, I can’t do it” And there is the lesson: babies just keep trying until they get it, maybe adults should follow their lead:)


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