Pray then worry

My Izzity poo just turned 9 months old on the 17th. Time has really flown by, and I’m preparing to head back to work in October. Part of that preparation includes finding child care for her. We have had her on the waiting list for a few daycares and I just found out this week that she is still on the waiting list and that currently she does not have a space. Now do you think I heard the part where they said that she was first and second on the list? Nope! My mind fast forwarded to October, when I am week away from going to work and frantically searching for childcare still.

Now as a Christian I know the right thing to do is to trust God and believe that He will work everything out. So, why am I still stressing? Why do I find it so easy to think of all the things that may go wrong in the future instead of looking back at all the things He has worked out in the past.  I have been telling myself all week to stop worrying, but each time I think about it I feel myself start to panic. This has all made me realize that I need to do a much better job of putting my faith to work. God has done way too much for me and I have no idea why  I am doubting him.

Because I don’t need a daycare until October I feel like God is putting me through a test. He is asking me “Are you going to tust me for the next few months?”  “When you think about daycare are you going to panic every time?” “Did I not take care of you and the baby when you started having contractions at 21 weeks?” “Did I not protect her when her heat rate kept dropping during labor?” “I did all of that and you want to be worried about daycare?”

I always hear about praising God during a trial – well here is my chance.  It’s natural to worry as a parent- but there comes a time when I need to let go of situations I cannot control and give it over to Him. Because it is completely crazy for me to pray about something and worry about the outcome:)

  • Recent highlights: We went to a small splash water park for the first time. She stand in the water because it was cold, but she kept stretching out her tiny hands to touch it (and would then do a little shiver…so cute) She loves water. She starts swimming with her dad next week so hopefully that goes well!
  • Recent funny moment: After a nap I go into her room (she is usually sitting up already) so I bend down and peek through the bars of her crib. Commence the big amazing smiles! She loves this, it is so sweet and hilarious at the same time.
  • Recent crazy parent moment: She has been having some trouble sleeping, which I’m told is expected as they get older and are going through different milestones. I was up with her from 1am-4am the other night. Brought me right back to the days when she was a newborn – just lovely:)
  • Recent milestones:  She is starting to pull herself up on things and is doing more of a regular crawl vs the army crawl.  Interestingly enough she hasn’t realized that she can crawl after me, so when I leave a room she usually just stays there lol. So I haven’t needed to baby proof yet! She is also eating more solids, including potatoes, mango, avocado, pasta, and yogurt.
  • Bellelesson of the week: As parents we want the best for our children, it’s natural. However, remember that God has planned out their lives way before we even thought of bringing them into our lives. So He has thought of every detail already, even small things like daycare.



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