Beauty Lessons


That’s what I have been. I started writing a post in October…and well now it’s November:) Here’s what you’ve missed:

  • We traveled to Michigan and spent a week with my family. My mother quickly realized her house wasn’t baby-proof.
  • She turned 1 ! We had a fun celebration at Gymboree with some friends and she had a blast.
  • My year-long maternity leave ended…hence, why I have been so busy. Today was the start of my 5th week back at work.

I remember my first post. I wrote ” I seriously need to start writing down our experiences with our little pumpkin, or before I know it she will be a year old, I’ll be back at work, and I won’t be able to remember her being this small”. Well here we are.  How we got here so quickly, I’m not sure. However, it has been one of the greatest years of my life. I recently read an article that joked about the annoying things we experience as parents of a baby. The spit-ups, the sleepless nights, the fact you can no longer just pick up your purse and leave the house to run a quick errand (leaving the house sometimes takes longer than the errand itself!) I tell my friends who are currently expecting that no amount of advice can prepare you for the experience. Will you cry? Yes. Will you get frustrated? Yes. Will you longingly think of the days before you became a parent? Yes. Nevertheless, through all the crazy experiences, I feel incredibly blessed. One of the reasons I actually started writing this blog (other than to capture moments I’d otherwise forget) was to remember that there is a blessing, a lesson to be learned, with every frustrating situation that occurs in my life. If I just take a moment and step back, and ask myself “What can I learn from this?” I’ll be a much better, wiser, and faithful person.

My daughter has taught me over the past year that I’m not nearly as patient as I thought I was and then again I can be the most patient person on this earth if it’s for her benefit. I’ve learned that no matter how much planning and preparation I put into something, she’ll make sure to remind me that my plans are just that…plans. I’ve surprisingly learned to just go with the flow, something I didn’t know how to do before. I’ve learned how to enjoy sitting in bed with my family every Sunday morning and let the laundry, dishes, and errands wait a few more hours to be tackled. I’ve learned to appreciate the ability to make friends and maintain friendships, as advice from other new moms has repeatedly reminded me “I’m not the only who…” I’ve learned how to love another human being more than I love myself, which is the best feeling in the whole world. It humbles me to my core when she reminds me that my wants and needs aren’t as important as I thought they were, and I have the opportunity to practice being self-less.

I chose the name bellelessons for my blog because of my daughter Isabelle. Belle means beautiful and I like to think that the lessons she unknowingly  teaches me are making me into a more beautiful person.  I think sometimes we fight so hard for everything to work out perfectly and I’m realizing that makes no sense. Learning develops our character. We experience situations we never would have chosen for ourselves when we allow ourselves to follow the path that contains a lesson in its’  bumps and grooves.  If God knew that giving me my baby girl would be the best way to help me learn these life lessons that I’ve learned to love and appreciate, then He must be a pretty smart guy:)

Seeing that it took me forever to finish this post, I’ll post a milestones update later. However, the most important milestone of all happened yesterday! She called me “mama” yesterday 🙂