Our testimony

Wow! I haven’t written a post since March. That’s pretty bad. There has been a lot going on with us,so I kind of have an excuse:)

During my last year of university I had the privilege of being part of a bible study group with some other young ladies. We would meet every Sunday evening, and discuss current and past events in our lives, and how they related to God’s will for each of us.  Our group leader and mentor Dilys said something that has stuck with me all these years. I’m not sure I can say it as eloquently as she did, but she said: “All desires come from God”. Now, you can’t use that reason to go ahead and rob a bank, but if you have an honest, deep desire to do something, God placed that desire within you and would allow it to come to pass when the time is ready.

My husband and I are both Canadian citizens, and though we met and got married in Michigan, we moved back to Canada a few weeks after our wedding 4 years ago, leaving many of our families and friends behind. We moved to Edmonton, Alberta which is at least a couple of days driving back to the US where our family resides.  Edmonton was  a really good experience for Caleb and I. We learned to live outside of our comfort zone, making new friends and visiting new places. We grew up together, moving homes a few times, having a baby, and eventually buying a house.  However, we constantly felt that there was something missing. No matter how much we enjoyed our lives in Edmonton, we missed our family like crazy! We would spend thousands of dollars a year (literally) in plane tickets just to be able to be part of the life we left. This became particularly difficult after our daughter arrived, as traveling long hours with a baby is never fun, and it became quite expensive once we started paying for child care. Additionally, we just felt like she was missing out on getting to know her family.

Rewind to the fall of 2012. My husband and I had a conversation with a friend of many years about this very topic. His advice was to do two things. First, we should make a “to do list” containing all the things that would have to happen in order for us to move back to the US. Secondly, we should pray about it continually, asking God to open the doors if our plans were in His will.  At first, we were very hesitant about the entire idea. We thought:

  • It’s too much work (hence the reason we abandoned the idea of moving to Toronto about a year before)
  • Caleb would have to get a work visa and then a green card, since he isn’t a US citizen, again making the process too difficult
  • Where would we live?
  • How would we pay for the move?
  • Are we going to be able to sell our home?
  • Our reason, of wanting to be closer to family, is purely emotional and makes no sense. We are better off financially in Edmonton, it’s easier just to stay.

There were many reasons not to do it. We actually had written out a ‘pros/cons’ list multiple times. We didn’t know what to do. Eventually we took our friend’s advice. We prayed about it daily and started checking off the little boxes on our to do list (that we posted on the wall in our bedroom).

Fast forward to Friday, July 5, 2013 at 8 am. My husband, daughter, and I sat on a plane headed for the US – a one-way ticket. Our belongings? Already in the process of being driven from Alberta to Michigan. Caleb’s work visa? Obtained. Our house? Sold! (with enough equity to help pay for the expensive move)

Edmonton was good to us, but it was time for us to move onto a new adventure. When we shared with our Albertan friends the reason for our move, we confidently explained that we wanted to be closer to our friends and family. No longer feeling that it was an immature decision, as God clearly showed us it was in his will for our family.

Our family has been very excited about our move, my dad especially, who built a swing set for Izzy in the backyard. Seeing her (and him!) with the biggest smiles as she independently navigated her way up and down the slide confirmed our reason. Hanging out with a college friend and his wife for dinner confirmed our reason. Being able to help my sister plan her wedding in person confirmed our reason. Having an evening play date with a friend from high school and meeting her baby boy confirmed our reason. Many other confirmations will come, attending my brother-in-law’s white coat ceremony to signify his entrance into medical school. Meeting my other brother-in-law’s baby girl due to arrive in October.  Visiting my husband’s cousin and his new born baby girl in August. We are family people, my husband and I. It’s who we are….and today I say that proudly:)


1) When you have a family, you have to make decisions that work for your family, independent of what other’s opinions may be.

2) God is simply amazing and cares about those things that seem like silly ideas to you. He is so good!


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