Our little girl turned two on Friday! I could definitely tell the difference from last year, that she understood a bit more that it was a special day. She lit up when her class at daycare sang happy birthday to her, and screamed with glee “Happy Birthday!” when she saw the cupcakes I was trying to hide before dinner.  Things are still very crazy since our move, and I’m beginning to accept that this is actually just how my life will be, busy. Work is  a lot more stressful than expected. Her birthday was no exception. However, in the midst of all the chaos a thought came to me and I shared it with my husband. I believe God gives us children to force us to experience happiness throughout the day.  He says: “Oh no! You will NOT sit there and wallow in your bitterness, stress, confusion, worry….” “Get up! You have a little person that’s waiting on you to be their parent!”

This is so very true. When we come home our routine  COMPLETELY revolves around her. Give her snack, make her dinner so she can eat (and sometimes negotiate with her to eat), spend some quality time with her, get her bath ready, give her a bath, get her in her room before 8, read a book (or 2 or 3 if she gives you the puppy face), say our prayers, and the list goes on.  So even though life was trying to get me to focus on all the things that were going wrong on her birthday, she kept reminding me that there are also a lot of things going well for me.

Here is a list of things that she did just in one day to put a smile on my face:

I leave the house for work before she wakes usually, so I didn’t see her the morning of her birthday. Her dad sent me a video that morning though of her saying happy birthday to herself, and smiling in the opposite directions of the camera *insert smile*

I went to pick her up from daycare a little earlier than usual. She was still sleeping and when she woke up it was snack time. She ordered me to sit down beside her “Sit Mommy!” and was so proud I was in her class. Her class then sang happy birthday to her and all got cupcakes. That part was mostly hilarious because all of the children just stared (including her) during the song and only the teachers were singing. It was the most silent happy birthday rendition I have ever heard.

When we arrived home she had a present waiting for her from my brother and sister in law in Maryland. A Doc McStuffins doctor kit and a tea party set. Bring on the fun. We spent the rest of the evening having tea with her teddy bears and getting check ups by the little doctor.

Her dad bought her a Sesame Street DVD and the song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” was on there. We watched the video that evening, and as we were getting her ready for bed she says “Don’t worry”. Actually, she was yelling it over and over. I had just received a stressful phone call and couldn’t help but smile that God was speaking through my little angel, reminding me that He has already gotten it all figured out.

To be honest, it’s actually quite impossible for me to stay in a disagreeable mood with her around. If I were single, or it were just Caleb and I, I could sulk, worry, be angry for hours. But that’s a little hard to do when she makes me laugh continuously.

So as my daughter continues her journey here on this earth (I still can’t believe she is two!), I want to take this time to thank God for all the ways she continues to bless my life.  I always worry about how much she is learning, but as you can see I am the one who really has the learning to do:)

To my sweet Isabelle. Mommy loves you with her whole heart, mind and soul. You are perfect and you make me a better person. Thank you.


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